“Boonie Bears: Guardian Code” – An Amusing  Adventure Of Hope Triumphing Over Loss

“Boonie Bears: Guardian Code” – An Amusing Adventure Of Hope Triumphing Over Loss

Ratings : 2.5/5

This film is an animated adventure that follows two bear cubs, Bramble and Briar, on a quest to find their long-lost mother. Set in a mystical forest, the film combines humor, action, and heartwarming moments. While the plot may be a tad intricate for younger viewers, the adorable bear characters and environmental themes make it worthwhile.

Briar & Bramble (Patrick Freeman & Joseph Lambert) venture out in search of their mother. Though Briar is a sane one, Bramble is the goofy one who is extremely hopeful that they will find their missing mother one day. While visiting a robot institute with their logger friend Vick (Paul) they come across a young scientist, Charlotte (Olivia Hill) who has a locket which once belonged to their mother. With the hope that she will give them clues to reach their mother, as a last ditched effort they go on a wild hunt searching for her, What happens after and around it forms the main part of the story.

The Curious Scientist Charlotte is the brains behind this adventure. With her nerdy glasses and determination, she becomes the link between the bear cubs and their missing mom. Her scientific gadgets and unwavering spirit keep the story moving forward. Plus, she’s proof that science can be cool

The film’s positive messages about family and perseverance shine through. It gives the message of sustaining hope amidst one’s major loss in life. The animation quality of this one & a half hour long film keeps one connected with it throughout Yongchang Lin & Heqi Shao’s direction is apt. Kate Qin and Zhiping Li’s music adds an appeal. Heqi Shao & Zhequn Dong’s art direction helps in taking the narrative forward supported with the crisp editing by Jinyang Tang and Yanping Huang’s .The English dubbing of the film also is clear & coveys the emotions and the adventurous joy rides in their right connotations.

“Boonie Bears: Guardian Code” – An Amusing  Adventure Of Hope Triumphing Over Loss

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